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Fatigue Stops for Rugby Fans




Road Safe HB and New Zealand Police joined forces on Wednesday the 5th and 6th July 2017 to provide fatigue stops for the touring groups following the rugby games across New Zealand.  One of the groups that arrived was very keen to have their photo taken with local (Napier/Hastings) Police. Large numbers of tourists stopped to share the hospitality provided by Road Safe HB. It was a good opportunity for Police mixing and mingling amongst the groups that attended the fatigue stop and offer them advice on safe driving and the risks of fatigue etc.

Road Safe HB and Police would like to thank the staff from Higgins who provided the site traffic safety management for this activity. The staff where outstanding and provided parking directions for the motorhomes and other vehicles.

iLz and I would like to acknowledge the Hawkes Bay Police for their huge efforts, it is always great to see key agencies working together to reduce road trauma.  The message is a simple one, Road Safety Is Everyones Responsibility.


Road Safe HB and local Police have been working in partnership with the Correction's Department by providing road safety education opportunities.  These are conducted inside the Hawkes Bay Regional Prison and also to Community Corrections.  The purpose of these are to create a learning environment that raises awareness of the risks of driving impaired by either alcohol or drugs, initiates a change in behaviour and attitude towards safe driving, increasing awareness that road safety is the responsibility of all road users and also increase knowledge.

Recently TV3 news reporter Laura McDonald attended one of the education sessions, to watch the article, click here.

PCT Competitions


Road Safe HB supported local students and Police to attend the PCT competitions held at Police College. These are our future drivers and it is a great way to start educating young people on safe driving and safe road use. Well done to all the students who attended.

Road Safe HB goes to University


Recently Linda Anderson, Regional Manager Road Safe HB along with Senior Constable Iain Cheyne where guest lecturers at Auckland University.  The presentation was to students either doing a Degree in Health Promotion or the Health Promotion paper as part of another course.

As part of the presentation the students watched the road safety education DVD, "Just Another Saturday Night", they then looked at how this resource fits with injury prevention and health promotion.

Senior Constable Iain Cheyne discussed how police work in the injury prevention field now as part of their role around reducing road trauma.  The key messages focus around 'everyone is responsible for road safety" and as drivers how we can support this to ensure the safety for everyone.



I had the pleasure of attending the C.A.C.T.U.S, (Combined Adolescent Challenge Training Unit and Support) on Saturday.  What an amazing group of young people.  They participate in a programme over 8 weeks.  This is run jointly by William Colenso College and Maraenui Community Police.  At the end of the programme the students participate in the longest day.  This is a 36k challenge over 6 hours.  They carry jerry cans filled with water, tractor tyres and telegraph poles.  The resilience of these young people was outstanding.  Also I would like to acknowledge the Police and everyone else involved in the programme





On the 12th of September the Wairoa College Students completed their C.A.C.T.U.S (Combined Adolescent Challenge Training Unit and Support) programme.  The students participate in a high physical impact programme during this time.  They arrive at school at 5.30am and are put through their paces.  This is a joint project between Police and Wairoa College.  However this programme is supported by many others who make it 'happen'.


Wairoa College C.A.C.T.U.S Programme


Road Safe HB supports the Wairoa College C.A.C.T.U.S programme that is currently underway.  The programme can only be achieved by the commitment of not only the students but also the Police staff and the instructors.  Some of the Police involved in the programme finish a shift at3.00am then attend the morning programme that starts at 6.00am.  The programme has been run for several years and is very successful.  Road Safe HB provide road safety messages during the programme and also provide a mocktail bar (alcohol free cocktails) at the graduation parade.

Flaxmere College C.A.C.T.U.S Programme


Road Safe have joined with Police and Flaxmere College to support a youth initiative that focuses on physical activity, challenges, leadership and team spirit.  Road Safe HB provides road safety information to the students along with the families.  We would like to acknowledge the outstanding acheivements of the students but also the dedication of the Police, instructor and the many volunteers that support this programme.